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Q) What is brain entrainment and how does it work?

A) Brain entrainment is a technology based on the fact that the brain tends to tune in to a repetitive stimulus like sound pulses or flashes of light. By providing the appropriate combination of stimuli, we are able to affect a person’s mood or inner state. It is a great aid in meditation!

Q) Do I need headphones to listen to it?

A) It depends. Due to the fact that our production is a mix of entrainment and music, you can also listen to it through normal speakers for a relaxing sound that you can meditate or relax to. However, for obtaining the best entraining effect, you will need a pair of headphones or earbuds with a frequency response of 20-20000 Hz, best even 5-20000 Hz.

Q) Can I listen to your products with iPod or other portable MP3 player?

A) Yes. Our products are delivered in two formats: CD quality and Mp3, so you can use the Mp3 version for your portable players. For best quality, make sure that you keep the original file format as you downloaded it.

Q) Can I make a CD with your music to listen through a stereo system?

A) Yes.

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