Meditation Now!

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Discover How Easy It Is To Use Meditation Now! 

Whether you are a beginner or a long time yoga and meditation practitioner seeking enlightenment, you will greatly benefit from our product.

You Will Learn How To:

find inner peace & clarity of mind

have a relaxed & healthy body

have better relationships with loved ones, friends and at work

revolutionize your life forever

Are You Ready?

Put your headphones on, sit comfortably, close your eyes and listen!
Deeply release your body and get in touch with your most inner self.
Our proprietary brainwave entrainment and soothing music will take you there.


How Does It Work?

In the past, meditation required many years of practice and a spiritual master to learn from. Today –with brainwave entrainment– we are able to affect the state of our mind to get to the same results in a much faster period. 

Our combination of brainwave entrainment, nature sounds and gentle music guides you through a deeper and deeper inner state making you feel totally calm and at peace.

Our Warranty

We spent more than twenty years practicing and studying yoga, meditation, spiritual traditions and psychology, while at the same time performing, composing and teaching music. We faced many obstacles and we are here to help you grow and feel better, no matter if it is just relaxation you are looking for or enlightenment. Drop us an email and we will answer.


Meditation 20Now! 20Ultimate 20Bundle

With Meditation Now! You get a full meditation course that is very easy to follow, no need to study books or manuals. You just sit and listen!

There are three available formats at an introductory price that is 50% off any comparable products on the market:

Meditation Complete Package:

Meditation 20Now! 20Complete


  • Track 1: From Alpha to Theta
  • Track 2: From Theta to Delta
  • Track 3: From Delta to deep Delta

Ideal for when you want to dedicate more time to totally relax and explore the joys of a peaceful and deep meditation, for example on weekends. It is perfect for when you want to grow and expand your life, or work on building stamina into your practice. 3 progressive tracks of 21 minutes each.


  • Track 1: From Alpha to Theta
  • Track 2: From Theta to Delta
  • Track 3: From Delta to deep Delta

Indicated for when you feel the need to slow down a bit in your meditation exploration to bring more attention to letting go. It is perfect for when you feel under stress in your or want to recharge after an intense work week. It also helps with stamina in reaching the goal of meditating up to one hour. 3 progressive tracks of 20 minutes each.

Meditation Express Package:

Meditation 20Now! 20Express


one 21 Minute Track: From low Alpha to Theta to Delta

Technology at its best! Just one track with all the benefits of years of meditation training in a compact format. It is perfect for regular practice especially in the morning. A good way to start your day even when the schedule is tight.


one 21 Minute Track: From low Alpha to Theta to Delta

One track to let go all tensions and obstacles in your meditation in a compact format. It is perfect for daily practice especially around sunset or bed time to release what the day has brought us restoring our sense of peace.

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