Deep Meditations


Relax, meditate and practice yoga with gentle melodies, sounds of nature and brainwave entrainment.

Disconnect from city noises, highways, pollution, confined spaces and lack of calm and concentration.

Improve or start a daily practice to find your center and true heart.

Start to relax spontaneously as you listen to it, while your mind gets into a progressively deeper state with each track. 

For maximum effect, use headphones, but it also works also with speakers.


4 high resolution (320) mp3 tracks of 12 minutes each

  1. Mother Nature
  2. Shaman Vision
  3. Sundown
  4. Heart Center
  • Alpha, Theta, Delta progressively deeper brainwaive activation for each following track
  • brain entrainment proprietary technology
  • real nature sounds
  • music composed specifically for meditation at 432 Hertz tuning
  • DRM free, so you can play it in your spa or yoga center without paying reproduction fees

© Daniele Spadavecchia 2013