Yoga, Meditation and Music

Ganesh is the Hindu god of Yoga Music

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit "yuj" or "yugam" meaning (to) yoke. Its sound  remaines unchanged among many languages: "jugum" in Latin, "giogo" in Italian, "yoke" in English, just to name a few.

The yoke has been used in agrarian societies to connect oxen to a plow and symbolically can be seen as the effort to unite different parts preparing them like a field for spiritual life to grow.

The ultimate goal of yoga is Samadhi, the true potential state in which opposites unite - the individual fuses with the divine, the subject with the object, the masculine with feminine, the mind with the body, the reason with emotions, the pragmatical with the mystical.

Hatha Yoga is the most practiced form in the west and it deals primarily with stretching and strengthening the body together inviting the individual to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is a great tool to prepare the body for something deeper. It can definitely be a step up in complementing and balancing our modern, erratic and unhealthy lives.

Meditation on the other hand is less practiced probably because it requires complete stop and introspection, two very difficult acts in our society. It is truly necessary though if we want to get in touch with the deepest awareness that transcends our physical boundaries. The mind too needs stretching and strengthening if we want to be able to open up to the ultimate goal.

It would be great to see that yoga studios offered a more balanced calendar of classes where yoga and meditation were in equal number.

More motivated meditation practitioners can attend workshops and retreats usually held in ashrams where it is possible to learn from experienced teachers in an ideal environment, secluded and protected from the constant disturbances of the world. Such experiences can be costly and do not happen very often, requiring also a commitment of time difficult to find.

Daniele Spadavecchia practicing Yoga

Learning from a guru is a gift that can change a spiritual life forever, a little bit like climbing a steep mountain lead by a seasoned guide who knows when, where and how to get to the top, but it happens rarely.

It is possible that soon yoga centers will start offering more meditation classes as a tool to complete their programs with great benefits for the attendants. The hindus say that when a student is ready the master appears, in the mean time, meditation music is probably the best tool to teach us how to use and exercise our mind in the specific way required to attain Samadhi.

For example, thanks to the gentle melodies and harmonies combined with nature sounds present in Meditation Now! and other products, it is easier to forget about every day life while also being guided by special brainwave entrainment frequencies based on solid neuroscience and the experience of an advanced practitioner who learned from different gurus and has spent the last  twenty five years creating music.

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