Power of Sound


After more than twenty five years of performing and studying music, I am still amazed about the magic of sound. I am sitting quietly on the banks of a mountain lake immersed in silence interrupted only by birds singing and the sound of lapping waters.

I can clearly distinguish the direction of each auditive stimulus coming to my ear, a little bit like listening through headphones to one of those test tracks to calibrate the stereo. Each sound seems to be part of the silence where it appears from, it lasts for a moment and then it is gone again, back to its calm source.

Each melody reaches my heart and brings me peace. As I keep listening in a passive non-analytic way, I find myself sinking more and more into the spell of the mesmerizing body of water in front of me. I am one with the whole nature. I feel like a man who never left his place of origin, the mythical Garden of Eden before the original sin was committed.

I am not oblivious to the fact that this is just a transitory moment, an island of perfection that appears in the fogs of the polluted ocean of our every day life, but after being immersed into this spell for a while, even human-made noises start to appear to be of the same intangible calming substance.

DSCN2572It is a gift to accept and I will bring it back to more mundane realities, so I won't get lost in them by remembering the deep mystery of sound and silence I am embodying now. Under this perspective, the best music is an imitation of the aural magic already present in perfect form in nature, and the musician is the fortunate servant who brings us back to the innocent state of communion with creation.

Today, take a moment to stop and and listen to something either natural or man made that puts you back in touch with your deepest quiet side. As you enjoy the concert of the universe around and inside yourself your life will gain a profound sense of coherence and connection.

© Daniele Spadavecchia 2013