Modern Spirituality

A man stretches arms and legs to show balance and growth for a Modern Spirituality

We hear a lot of inspiring stories describing spiritual experiences, deep states of grace, illumination and transformation. We probably dream about this happening to us one day or another, but we tend to project it to a distant future or a faraway place.

Most of us have thought of how beautiful it would be to live a life in which we often experience deep states of consciousness, but – because of outdated spiritual techniques and theories from traditions born in times very different from now – we think that great sacrifices are required in order to attain these heightened states of being.

We give up the quest for profound and life-changing journeys of the soul, while we go on with our ordinary life because it is too complicated or demanding.

In reality, using more updated methods, we could access the most peaceful and enlightening conditions for the mind and body just by opening up to curiosity, new knowledge and every-day simple practices.

Many traditions from the past told us about the heroic endeavors of people who attained such conditions and were regarded as saints. Most of them were about religious martyrs who gave up their life to defend purity of faith, pilgrims who traveled to distant and unfamiliar lands in exchange for forgiveness, or ascetic gurus who lived in the woods. They had to do exceptional things while renouncing love and possessions and go through long training and dangerous experiences – imagine yoga asceticism or religious life in remote monasteries for example. This was the norm in a world where science and modern technology were yet to be invented or kept separate from spirituality.

Today it is very different. Not only have we attained freedom and ability to investigate all the mysteries of nature and human mind, but also we are finally starting to look into spirituality with the methodical eye of science. At last, we are debugging the myths and revealing the truths from the many sacred traditions we inherited, discovering new and more efficient ways to practice them. A whole new horizon of powerful and profound techniques is opening in front of us, allowing anybody who is willing to dip into it. Now enlightenment is an experience open to all humans and it can be attained while we conduct our normal lives. All we need is the drive and commitment to the journey.

It is a Renaissance and we can all embrace it by keeping up with the discoveries of our time! We are about to update our knowledge and beliefs to reflect our advanced reality in our  inner lives. We will learn new ways to explore our hidden depths by being at the same time active participants in helping create and improve them with our feedback. We will get to where most of our ancestors thought it was only a prerogative of exceptional people and prophets, even faster than those who reached for it. For the first time in history, there will be a great number of individuals doing this at once, influencing the world we live in many practical new ways. As a consequence, humanity will make a big step forward.

© Daniele Spadavecchia 2013