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Yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices are disciplines that positively affect our conscience by moving our attention from the fragmented world around us to the unifying perception of inner peace. In doing so, we are able to reconnect to the ever changing reality from a deeper, more centered and healthier perspective.

Yoga, Meditation and Music

Ganesh is the Hindu god of Yoga Music

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit "yuj" or "yugam" meaning (to) yoke. Its sound  remaines unchanged among many languages: "jugum" in Latin, "giogo" in Italian, "yoke" in English, just to name a few.

The yoke has been used in agrarian societies to connect oxen to a plow and symbolically can be seen as the effort to unite different parts preparing them like a field for spiritual life to grow.

Power of Sound


After more than twenty five years of performing and studying music, I am still amazed about the magic of sound. I am sitting quietly on the banks of a mountain lake immersed in silence interrupted only by birds singing and the sound of lapping waters.

I can clearly distinguish the direction of each auditive stimulus coming to my ear, a little bit like listening through headphones to one of those test tracks to calibrate the stereo. …

December 21st, 2012

The Mayan Calendar is ending on December 21st, 2012 and starting on the next day!

No, the world is not going to finish on this date. It is clear that some people have misinterpreted the meaning of the Mayan Calendar. It predicted the end of their long cycle count, after which as in our calendar, it starts all over again.

Forget about the catastrophic images from the movie 2012 and just check the common-sense scientific facts according to NASA opinion

Brain Entrainment – Part 2

Meditation by a lake image for Meditation in Music blog entry: “What is Brain Entrainment - Part 1”

After understanding what are the main mental states, how they are measured and the fact that some people are able to switch between them willingly, we are going to talk about ancient and modern technologies to harness them.

First, we need to understand that our brain is constantly recording and responding to external stimuli. …

Brain Entrainment – Part 1

Meditation by a lake image for Meditation in Music blog entry: “What is Brain Entrainment - Part 2”

There has been lately a lot of buzz on the web about brain entrainment. Many web sites claim incredible results available to those who venture into using their leading edge products such as mp3 downloads, CD's, special eye-glasses and even smart phone apps that use this new technology.

These web pages offer great amount of explanatory material using many terms derived form neuroscience literature and experiments, and descriptions from various spiritual traditions. …

Modern Spirituality

A man stretches arms and legs to show balance and growth for a Modern Spirituality

We hear a lot of inspiring stories describing spiritual experiences, deep states of grace, illumination and transformation. We probably dream about this happening to us one day or another, but we tend to project it to a distant future or a faraway place.

Most of us have thought of how beautiful it would be to live a life in which we often experience deep states of consciousness, but – because of outdated spiritual techniques and theories from traditions born in times very different from now – we think that great sacrifices are required in order to attain these heightened states of being.

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