Daniele Spadavecchia

I grew up in a family full of music. With my mother being avid listener, my father singing and playing songs on guitar and my uncle teaching classical guitar at the conservatory, my ears were constantly stimulated. I also practiced a lot of sports, as my father was a community sport organizer, learning from a very young age the joys of physical discipline and healthy lifestyle.

By the age of sixteen, I was fully immersed into studying guitar and learning western and eastern philosophies, spiritual traditions and psychology. Soon after, I was introduced to the works of Ken Wilber, becoming a constant reference in my spiritual research. 

In my early twenties, I started my professional career as a musician teaching and performing. I also became very involved with a yoga institution called  Red GFU, where I went from being a student to being a teacher. I had the chance to practice often with Maestros Jose Marcelli Noli and Jose Michan Amiga who showed me a clear path to inner growth.  

I started to find answers to my eager questions related to art, soul and music by following the "Art of Living" proposed by Maestro Marcelli, a system of integrating alimentation, yoga techniques, meditation, spiritual devotion and intellectual study. Thanks to this, I begun to see and experience my personal life as an all-inclusive form of beauty and discipline, where the masterpiece is our own self.

Maestro Michan also exhorted me to finding a career path that would connect spirituality and music in a new perspective. If couldn’t find one I had to create it. For twenty years, I kept studying and performing more and more refined styles while still practicing all the spiritual teachings I received. My musicianship kept growing and deepening reaching higher aesthetics and it wasn’t until I studied meditation music and brain entrainment that I finally felt I was able to connect spirit and sound completely.

Meditation in Music is the union of the very best I have to give.

© Daniele Spadavecchia 2013